Company Origin and Chronological Evolution

Chronological Evolution

    • 2007 – 2015

During this period, the key members of current team have been awarded two research grants sponsored by US NIH (National Institute of Health) and SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research), USA – to develop the medical devices for brain tumor and breast cancer detections, respectively.

    • 2010 – 2015

Another key team member formed a consulting company engaging in the consultations in the field of satellite payload systems engineering that dedicated to the areas of  the Microwave Imaging Thermography Technology applications from Space (Meteorological satellite) down to medical arena – specifically for breast wellness and disease/ screening.

    • 2015- Present

In 2016, by merging the experience and skills of those two teams, Dr. Julius Shu, Mr. B. Allison and Mr. P-K Chiang formed ThermovisionUSA, LLC (TVNUSA) in Los Angeles, California USA that dedicates to research and development activities and to achieve the goal of transforming the R&D results into product.

Key People

Julius C Shu *, Ph.D. / Founder and President
Peter Chiang * / Founder and COO
Robert Allison * / Founder and CTO
Joseph Chou , CPA /Financial Advisor
Dr. Kwei-Min Pan, M.D. / Medical Advisor (General Surgeon)
Dr. Jin T. Wu, M.D. / Medical Advisor (Oncologist / Radiologist)
Michael C-L Shu / Director, Software Engineering



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