Origin and Chronological Evolutions

Since 2007, one of key technical team members has started the medical device development by applying the Passive Microwave Radiometry Technology (PMRT) for various cancer screening and scanning for medical prognosis and diagnosis. In  2009 and 2012, the member and his associates have received the awards of two research grants sponsored by SBIR  (Small Business Innovation Research), USA – to develop the medical devices for brain tumor and breast cancer detections, respectively.

In 2010, another key team member formed a consulting company engaging in the consultations in the field of satellite payload systems engineering and in the research area to expand the Microwave Imaging Thermography Technology applications from Space (Meteorological satellite) field down to medical arena – specifically for breast wellness screening and breast cancer detection.

In 2016, Dr. Julius Shu and Mr. P-K Chiang formed ThermovisionUSA, LLC (TVUSA) in California USA and later on (2017), Prof. Jim Shie and Dr. Julius Shu founded a new company in Taiwan, registered as Thermovision Biotek, Inc. (TVBIO). The TVBIO then invests and teams up with TVUSA to develop and build a medical device (sensor) and a turnkey system to provide the Cyber Tele-Healthcare services for breast cancer prognosis and diagnosis.

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