Company Key Management Members

  • Julius C Shu *, Ph.D. / Founder and President
  • Peter Chiang * / Founder and COO
  • Robert Allison * / Founder and CTO
  • Joseph Chou / Financial Advisor  (CPA)
  • S-C Lee* / Strategic Financial Advisor (Former Vice- Chairman at Newegg Inc.)
  • Wen-T Chiu **, M.D. / Company Management Advisor
  • Horng C Tsai, M.D. / Medical Advisor (Breast Surgeon)
  • Jin T. Wu, M.D. / Medical Advisor (Retired Oncologist / Radiologist)

*  The  brief resume and CV may be provided upon request

** Dr. Chiu has assumed several  Executive level management positions in hospitals, Medical University (Principal), and  was Former FDA Director in Taiwan. Currently, Dr. Chiu is Co-CEO of AHMC Health System Group in California.

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