Intellectual Property

Patents awarded
  • US PTO has awarded TVUSA a patent with 17 claims of inventions on 29 June 2021. The title of patent is “System and Method for Detecting and Diagnosing Diseases and Use of Same”.
  • Same patent has been approved and awarded by Taiwan PTO on 11 October 2020.
  • TVUSA submitted a patent application to PCT (Patent Corporation Treaty) of WIPO in October 2018 for patentability review. That patent application has been reviewed and approved by PTC on 1/14/2020 and published on 4/30/2020 for following Nation phase submissions to its member states.
Patent Submitted
  • The PTO approved patent was submitted to China on 4/22/2021 and India on 5/15/2021 for its Nation phase review and approval.
FDA Permit and Clearance
  • TVUSA product model-E has passed TFDA auditing and GMP (Good Manufacture Process) certification. TFDA has awarded TVNBIO permit for marketing clearance as Class1 Adjunctive Breast cancer Screening device/system. (TFDA designates Taiwan FDA)

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