Antenna Systems Design and Development Engineer


  • Develop architectures for Antenna subsystem requirements, lead and/or support the development of this module and perform functional testing and troubleshooting for Antenna subsystems performance.
  • Perform design and analysis, including. Trade study, analysis of design architecture and to flow-down requirements from product level to Antenna subsystem and units/components.
  • Define the antenna specifications for procurement and outsourcing.
  • Support test engineer to develop a test-bed, test evaluation plans and test procedures for antenna test, to generate the test reports and to document the test results.
  • Responsible for resolve the antenna test anomalies and non-compliance issues.
  • Support product Systems Engineer for the resolutions of test anomalies and non-compliances issues for the product.
  • Perform modeling and performance simulation of Antenna subsystem.
  • Lead a team to perform the above tasks and/or manage (monitor) a contractor to deliver the results from above tasks
  • Review the testing results of antenna subsystem.
  • Be accountable to the Chief Systems Engineer and support contract negotiation with supplier/vendor evaluations and generate Request for Proposal (RFP) for Antenna subsystem.

Qualification and Skills:

  • Capable to perform any one of task assignment list above.
  • Familiar with antenna basic theoretical background. With near-field antenna knowledge is essential and desirable.
  • Familiar or proficiency with the software tool packages, such as HFSS, CST used for antenna pattern simulations. Know how to use MATLAB Mathcad, PSpice, and Labview (or Python) tools are a plus.
  • Proficiency with English in reading, writing and speaking is desirable.
  • Good communication skills in both verbal and written in Chinese and English, is essential.
  • Capable of working on a self-initiated basis and be a team player.
  • Must be able to prepare and conduct the technical presentations for both internal and external review meetings.

Education and Work Experiences:

  • Requires a master’s degree or PhD in Electrical or Mechanical engineering or a related technical discipline from an accredited institution.
  • Minimum engineering working experience as follows: 7+ years of experience with a master’s degree, or four years or more years with a PhD degree.
  • Project management experience is desirable.
  • Less experience and qualified candidates will be also considered for Junior antenna and microwave engineering positions.


Please send resume to: HR, Michelle Yen (

post date: 01/03/2019

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